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We Need to Belong

People need to belong.  God made us that way.

But people are growing cautious.  And they should, for many pious frauds and religious empire-builders are abroad today.

People need to belong, but we need to belong to something solid, proven in the past, with help for the present, and hope for the future.

Jesus is all of these.  He anchors the past, sheds light on the present, and gives eternal life for the future.  Jesus will save all who, with a penitent heart out of a godly sorrow for sin, will put their trust in Him for forgiveness.

People need to belong; but if we belong to Jesus, we should also belong to His church.  It's easy to identify.  It does not beg for your money.  Its leaders are not "lords" over God's people.  It is not an entertainment center.

It has a quiet dignity.  It deals in righteousness and truth.  It guides parents, children, teenagers, singles.  It provides mutual assistance and comfort when trouble comes.  It helps husbands and wives build happy, safe, solid, harmonious homes.

But better yet, when you face that last lonely hour you're not alone.  Friends say goodbye, but Jesus welcomes you into His heaven.

All people need to belong.  God made us that way.

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