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Library News



We are continually adding new books to our church library.  Be sure to check them out! 

Below are some recent additions that you might enjoy reading.

Why have cultures developed similar strategies, architecture, and stories in different places across the globe? Author Don Landis presents a diffusionist model that traces the lines back to the Genesis creation account. Interpreting why Biblical Christian symbols such as mountains, rainbows, and the Sun (Son) have been used in "pagan" religious practices, discover how their use of such natural objects is part of Satan's "counterfeit" of God's plan. 108 pages, hardcover.
Answer in Genesis's "The True Account of Adam and Eve" integrates modern issues into this foundational story at an age-appropriate level. Referencing Creationist scholars will provide some level of scientific credibility to children; evolutionist beliefs are highlighted as untrue in the face of the Bible account; and Adam and Eve are used as a reason why marriage is only for male & female, specifically noting that God did not make two men. Linking the sin in the garden to sin in the world today, parents will find many of the key issues they want to teach their children embedded in this re-telling of Genesis. 55 pages, hardcover. Ages 12 & up.


Questions will be asked of creationists-be prepared to give a defense. These pocket guides are easily organized so you can quickly find the answers you need to the most common creationist challenges. Find solutions to questions such as: Did humans really evolve from ape-like creatures? Have scientists found fossils of the missing link? What about the similarity between human and chimp DNA? What about the Neanderthal? Examine both the scientific evidence and the biblical record and show that humans are not related to apes, but were specially created by God in His image! 96 pages, softcover. Ages 12 & up.


Renowned author, speaker, and radio host Dennis Rainey identifies five stages of a man’s journey through life and the responsibilities of each. Rainey tackles the call to living, breathing manhood head-on, offering a simple yet powerful vision for what it means to be a man who truly conquers—and truly wins.


Many people, even Christians, fear growing older. We don't like to think about losing independence and control in our lives, but perhaps learning to accept these changes is the first step in dealing with them. Graham also discusses the importance of building strong foundations in relationships, facing life's transitions with trust, and understanding our glorious hope in Jesus. Join Billy as he shares the challenges of fading strength, but still standing strong in his commitment to finishing life well.
In wartime Holland, the Ten Boom family quietly sheltered Jews in their small house---until Nazis discovered the "hiding place." This is the remarkable true story of Corrie and her sister Betsie's endurance of the death camp, and their sure hope that God alone is our true refuge. Starring Julie Harris, Eileen Heckart, and Arthur O'Connell. 2 hours, 20 minutes.

211 Bridges Road (Bridges Rd at I-385) * Simpsonville * SC *